PDE Incubator Dependency Visualization


The dependency visualization aims to provide a set of views to assist with plug-in dependency analysis tasks. In particular, the views will provide cognitive support to people as they attempt to understand the dependencies between their plug-ins.

This tool is part of the Eclipse Incubator project. For a complete description of Eclipse incubation please read this.

Bugs and Feature Requests

We use the Eclipse Bugzilla System for tracking issues with the Plug-in Dependency Visualization Incubator project.

Click here for a list of currently opened bugs.

M2 Available

New & Noteworthy (2009-04-13)

  • http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/pde/incubator/visualization/site(Eclipse 3.4 or later)

Accessing Source Code

The PDE Dependency Visualization tool is available in CVS. The tool is built using the Zest toolkit and Draw2D. In order to get the source and build the PDE Dependency Visualization Tool follow the instructions found here.