Papyrus Installation Guide

  • The most basic procedure for installing Papyrus consists in installing the Eclipse Modeling Package for your own platform.
  • Then, you have to use the discovery interface ("Help" => "Install Modeling Component") and select Papyrus.
  • It is then recommended to install latest release from Papyrus (1.1.0b). See instruction on following chapter "Papyrus Update sites".

Papyrus Update Sites

Eclipse provides facilities for adding new software to the platform or updating software in the system. In all cases, the site location (i.e. the Web URL or the archived Update Site provided above) is the only required item to update or install a software within Eclipse.

To add the Papyrus site, one of the procedures described from the Install Manager documentation must be followed.

Update sites for Papyrus release versions:

Papyrus release 1.1.0 (Mars) (Recommended):
  • Papyrus 1.1.X / Eclipse Mars:
Previous releases
  • Papyrus 1.0.X / Eclipse Luna:
  • Papyrus 0.10.X / Eclipse Kepler:
  • Papyrus 0.9.2 / Eclipse Juno:
  • Papyrus 0.8.2 / Eclipse Indigo:
  • Papyrus 0.7.3 / Eclipse Helios:

Update sites for Papyrus nightly builds:

For advanced users and pioneers, you can access the latest commits done within Papyrus by accessing its nightly builds...

Papyrus nightly builds, version 1.1.x (Mars) and 1.2.x (Neon):
  • Papyrus 1.1.x / Eclipse Mars:
  • Papyrus 1.2.x / Eclipse Neon:
Previous nightly builds
  • Papyrus 1.0.x / Eclipse Luna:
  • Papyrus 0.10.x / Eclipse Kepler:
  • Papyrus 0.9.x / Eclipse Juno:
  • Papyrus 0.8.x / Eclipse Indigo: