About Papyrus

Papyrus is aiming at providing an integrated and user-consumable environment for editing any kind of EMF model and particularly supporting UML and related modeling languages such as SysML and MARTE. Papyrus provides diagram editors for EMF-based modeling languages amongst them UML 2 and SysML and the glue required for integrating these editors (GMF-based or not) with other MBD and MDSD tools.

Papyrus also offers a very advanced support of UML profiles that enables users to define editors for DSLs based on the UML 2 standard. The main feature of Papyrus regarding this latter point is a set of very powerful customization mechanisms which can be leveraged to create user-defined Papyrus perspectives and give it the same look and feel as a "pure" DSL editor.


Papyrus is graphical editing tool for UML2 as defined by OMG. Papyrus targets to implement 100% of the OMG specification!


Papyrus provides a very advanced support for UML profiles enabling support for "pure" DSL. Every part of Papyrus may be customized: model explorer, diagram editors, property editors, etc.


Papyrus provides also a complete support to SysML in order to enable model-based system engineering. It includes an implementation of the SysML static profile and the specific graphical editors required for SysML.

Text in Papyrus

Papyrus is graphics but also textual. It is hence possible to edit model elements using contextual text editors enabling syntax highlight, completion and content assist. It is also a custumizabled feature of Papyrus.

And much more...

Read the Papyrus user documentation and join the discussion at the forum to understand how powerful Papyrus is. Want to know more? About Papyrus

Ongoing work...
Current Status

Papyrus team has released the version 1.1.0. It can be installed on Eclipse Mars 4.5. You can install it using the instructions here.

You can read here what is new and updated in Papyrus 1.1.0.

Papyrus Cinema

Following this link, you will find the Papyrus cinema corner.

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  • 2nd Papyrus Summit and EclipseCon Europe 2015 Posted Nov 02, 2015

    The 2nd Papyrus Summit will be held Tuesday November 3, 2015 in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

    The Papyrus Team will also give a couple of presentations during EclipseCon Europe 2015 : "Papyrus4Java - UML diagrams for ordinary java developers" and "MDE with Papyrus, novelties and beyond"

  • Papyrus 1.1.0 Released Posted Jun 23, 2015

    The Eclipse Papyrus 1.1.0 release is now available! Check the new features on the what's new? page.

    You can install Papyrus from the Mars packages or use the Papyrus Downloads page

    Also check the Papyrus installation guide to install Papyrus 1.1.0b

  • Save the date! Posted Dec 12, 2014


    Your system design needs modeling: Papyrus, the MDE open-source cutting-edge solution

    • Thursday, January 29th 2015, at hotel Napoleon Paris

    If you cannot come to Paris, we invite you to join a web-conference on the same subject Friday, January 30th 2015 at 10 am

    Why participate?

    • You will understand the strategic value of Papyrus modeling tool
    • You will understand how to leverage both standard modeling languages (e.g., UML and SysML) and domain-specific modeling languages.
    • You will listen and exchange around the feedback from the company ERICSSON
    Send us an email to register (dils -at- cea.fr)

  • Papyrus 1.0.0 Released Posted Jun 25, 2014

    The Eclipse Papyrus 1.0.0 release is now available! For a short listing of the new features available in this release, check the release plan. You can easily install Papyrus from Luna packages, and you can still download Papyrus builds manually.

  • Papyrus team at the Eclipse Conference Europe 2013! Posted Oct 30, 2013

    You can meet some of the guys involved in the Papyrus project at the Booth #13 at the Eclipse conference Europe 2013, in Ludwigsburg.

    You can also attend on Thursday to the talk on the first industrial success for Papyrus: Scade System from Esterel Technologies (an ANSYS group company).