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Eclipse Community Individual Awards Hall of Fame

Alex Blewitt
Top Contributor 2012
Alain Magloire
Top Committer 2006
Annamalai Chockalingam
Top Newcomer Evangelist 2015
Benjamin Cabé
Top Contributor 2009
Boris Bokowski
Top Newcomer Evangelist 2011
Chris Aniszczyk
Top Committer 2009Top Ambassador 2007
Daniel Megert
Top Newcomer Evangelist 2014Top Newcomer Evangelist 2007
Dariusz Luksza
Top Contributor 2011
Ed Merks
Top Newcomer Evangelist 2009Top Ambassador 2008Top Committer 2007
Ed Burnette
Top Ambassador 2006
Eike Stepper
Top Committer 2010
Eric Rizzo
Top Newcomer Evangelist 2008
Eugen Neufeld
Top Committer 2015
Jay Jay Billings
Top Newcomer Evangelist 2016
Jonas Helming
Top Newcomer Evangelist 2013
Kimberley Peter
Top Contributor 2007
Lars Vogel
Top Newcomer Evangelist 2012Top Contributor 2010
Linda Watson
Top Contributor 2006
Markus Knauer
Top Committer 2013
Mickael Istria
Top Committer 2016
Nick Boldt
Top Ambassador 2009
Paul Webster
Top Committer 2009
Remy Chi Jian Suenr
Top Contributor 2008
Sebastian Zarnekow
Top Committer 2011
Stephan Herrmann
Top Contributor 2012
Sven Efftinge
Top Committer 2012
Tom Schindl
Top Committer 2014Top Contributor 2007
Walter Harley
Top Newcomer Evangelist 2010

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