2015 Candidate: Chris Aniszczyk

Head of Open Source (Twitter)

Nominee for committer representative

Technology and Mylyn PMC Member
EGit / JGit Committer
Orbit Committer
PlanetEclipse.org Maintainer
EclipseCon Program Committee (2007-2012)
Eclipse Board Committer Representative (2007-2013)

email: zx at twitter.com


I've been grateful to be a part of the Eclipse community for about a decade and honored to have served the committers on the Board for several years in the past. My previous activities on the board I've helped initiate our infrastructure by moving to Git/Gerrit, push the Board to embrace social coding at the Foundation as an option for development (see Vertx as a case study) and helped push for a simplified the IP process with CLAs.

If I'm elected, I want to focus on five concrete tasks to make the lives of committers easier:

Push the Eclipse Foundation to create a new individual membership class

To help further raise money for the Foundation, I will push to create a new individual membership class. I was involved in creating the "Friends of Eclipse" program many year ago and we have seen success in people wanting to help through donations. I think we can do better than this and give individuals who donate a certain amount a level of membership that will have board representation so they can support more and influence the direction of the foundation.

Push the Eclipse Foundation to hire developers on staff

Traditionally, the Eclipse Foundation has shied away from hiring developers on staff. I think we're at a point where we need to address tragedy of the commons issues and also open up ourselves to allow companies to fund committers on staff. If we do this, Eclipse will be able to fix some of our broken windows and move faster.

Create a code of conduct for the Eclipse community

We are a large open source community and it's time we create a code of conduct to embodies our values and is welcoming to new contributors and committers.

Ensure Eclipse processes are transparent and lightweight as possible

We have done a lot of work to make Eclipse processes lighter than they have been before, but I believe we can do better. There are opportunities for more automation and making it easier to do release reviews. We need to keep the quality bar high (including IP cleanliness), but we need to do our best to not get in the way of projects shipping.

Attract new projects and continue to mentor projects at the Eclipse Foundation

While I'm not as active on the Eclipse coding front as I've been in the past, I'm almost always one of the first people to volunteer to mentor a new project. I will continue to do my best to grow the Eclipse committer community by attracting and mentoring new projects.

On the whole, my goal has always been to make Eclipse thrive and be transparent as possible about the board's activities. I really love bringing new projects to the Eclipse ecosystem and mentoring new committers. In the end, I would be honored to represent committers on the board.

About the Candidate

Chris Aniszczyk (@cra) is a software architect by trade with a passion for open source and building communities. At Twitter, he's responsible for creating their open source program and managing their open source efforts. He also has the honor to sit on the Eclipse Architecture and Planning councils. In a previous life, he traveled the world and consulted companies on Eclipse technology. He also lead and hacked on many eclipse.org and linux related projects. In his spare time, you'll find him running, cycling or doing yoga.