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2010 Candidate:
Yves Yang

CEO, Soyatec

Nominee for contributing member representative

Presentation Modeling Framework Lead
Eclipse for Siverlight Lead
Visual Editor Lead
e4 committer

email:  yves.yang at


Eclipse is the most vibrant and active open source community in the Java components and tooling arena. The Eclipse platform was first targeted at building an extensible IDE component framework. It has since evolved into a general-purpose platform for building extensible software applications of all kinds in desktop environment.

Now, Eclipse IDE is widely adopted by most of the software providers and industries. However, the adoption of Eclipse's runtime platform in domain application is limited due to the complexity of UI development and the lack of Web support application environments. Eclipse's main obstacle is to be used widely in ERP and BPMS in Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Finances, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resources, Warehouse Management and Decision Support System. The traditional UI development in programming language in Eclipse presents the following drawbacks:

  • High technology pre-requisite as UI developer
  • Difficult to separate UI appearance and business logic
  • Poor reusability and low extensibility
  • Very hard to build powerful development tools

In the meantime, the software market has changed dramatically. More and more applications are now deployed in diverse environments such as web servers, web browsers and embedded clients applications. Some new technologies emerge and become mature like Animation, Data Binding, Declarative UI, Visual Design tools and MDE engineering system. Some integrated UI solutions are available in other development languages and environments to develop fashion application.

A new flexible and high extensible solution is absolutely necessary to simplify development of software components and component-based applications to meet the demands of the ever changing computing landscape. Soyatec has worked on this area since early 2006. And all of our research and development have contributed to Eclipse e4 for XWT and two visual designers, and in modeling PMF for UI generation.

All these actions show that Yves Yang, CEO of Soyatec, quickly understood 1) the purpose, impacts and interests of Eclipse for the software community; 2) the role of being an active and contributive Eclipse member; and 3) the connections that can be established either between Eclipse members or between the Eclipse community and external software actors, such as Microsoft.

Moreover, all these contributions reflect the values of Soyatec: being innovative and offering high-level technical and industry reliable solutions, which are profitable to the whole Eclipse community and software industry.

The will of Yves Yang is to continue to share these values at the level of the Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors.

About the Candidate

Yves Yang has more than 20 years of experience in OO software development and deep knowledge mainly on ODBMS first, and then Eclipse since 2002. As an architect, he has worked in several important applications in Telecom, Defense and Finance. He has a rich experience in industry software development and has a good understanding of market needs. In Eclipse, he was the chief architect of the first Eclipse UML plugin from 2002 to early 2006. Today, he is the project leader of ESL, VE and PMF Eclipse projects, and he is one of the main contributors of the e4 project. He leads and develops a declarative UI (XWT) and two Visual tools: XWT Designer and e4 Workbench Designer. His activities focus mainly on the Modeling UI, Declarative UI, Visual UI Tools, and the adoption of Eclipse solutions by the software industry.


AFDEL (French Association of Software Provider)
SYSTEM@TIC PARIS-REGION / A World Class ICT Cluster dedicated to complex systems

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