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2010 Candidate:
Shawn Pearce

Software Engineer, Google

Nominee for contributing member representative

Solutions Provider

email:  sop at


Entering 2010 the Eclipse Foundation is facing many challenges.

The number of projects that desire to join a release train has been increasing every year, placing more work on the IP team during each release cycle. The development process needs to evolve and become more streamlined, so that more projects can join the foundation, follow its development model, and still release as part of the release train. Wayne Beaton has already proposed some changes, and as a board member I will support these efforts, and continue to encourage further process improvements.

The foundation is dealing with increasingly difficult revenue issues. As a trade association dependent upon membership dues, the foundation relies upon its membership to pay all of its operating costs. But, as membership fluctuates due to external market conditions, the foundation finds itself struggling to meet member requests. Going forward the board needs to help the foundation identify ways to diversify revenue, and make membership a more valuable investment for all of the member companies.

New contributors are the life-blood of any open source project, but are often road-blocked gaining commit access to repositories. Modern distributed systems often alleviate this by permitting change recording at outside locations until IP agreements can be finished and access granted. As the Eclipse Foundation and its members are very careful with their IP review processes, the foundation needs to encourage use of tools that make it easier for newcomers to enter the ecosystem and meet the requirements, without losing effort, history, or becoming frustrated and leaving. Moving the foundation's repositories from CVS/SVN to Git is a huge leap forward, and something I will continue to support while on the board.

About the Candidate

At Google, Shawn is committed to fostering the growth of the open source ecosystem by supporting existing programs such as Google Summer of Code, and the development of new communities, like the Android Open Source Project. Prior to joining Google, Shawn lead a development team at Bank of America building domain-specific plugins for the Eclipse platform.

Outside of work, Shawn is an active contributor in the Git community, pushing the limits of distributed development tools.



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