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2010 Candidate:
Hans Kamutzki

Managing Director,

Nominee for contributing member representative

MicroDoc has been an Eclipse add-in member for many years and Eclipse is a core element of MicroDoc's company strategy. Hans currently serves as an Sustaining Member Representative on the Board of Directors of the Eclipse Foundation. He was also elected to be a member of the Eclipse Finance Commitee.

email:  hka at


Serving as an Sustaining Member Representative on the Board of Directors of the Eclipse Foundation for almost a year now, I see a number of significant challenges to the Eclipse Ecosystem.

Membership: A limited number of large corporations pay most of the Eclipse budget for strategic reasons. The current membership model makes it hard for many (smaller) companies to justify payment of the membership fees to the Eclipse foundation ("why pay for something we can get for free anyway?"). In my vision for Eclipse, the membership model is updated to generate more immediate membership value for a large number of small and mid sized companies (committers and consumers). This would make the Eclispe foundation more robust against economical threats caused be large member strategy changes. The model for representation of members on the Board of Directors will have to be adapted in case of increased membership, to ensure that the board can still function well and effective.

Visibility and representation: The Eclipse foundation is a well governed and efficient organization. Running the EMO is a full time job for the director, which leaves little time for public representation. Im my vision for Eclipse, the foundation will designate a dedicated evangelist whose sole responsibility is to publicly represent the Eclipse in the software community and beyond.

JDT: In my vision for Eclipse, JDT still plays a fundamental role and will be maintained by a structured community effort.

In my opinion, the board is not a place for personal image cultivation or self expression, but for steering the directions of community of developers who support a multi-million base of users. In this spirit, I'd like to represent the Sustaining Members for another term.

About the Candidate

Hans Kamutzki is co-founder and Managing Director of MicroDoc, Munich. He studied Physics and Computer Science in Bonn and Munich, Germany and focused on realtime image processing and process control in the early days of his professional work. For a "device and algorithm for the automatic detection of objects" he was co-awarded a German and European patent. After many years of development and project management practice in Smalltalk and Java, Hans now runs the Embedded Java operations at MicroDoc.


MicroDoc is a software consultancy and product development business founded in 1991 by Hendrik Hoefer and Hans Kamutzki. In the 90s, MicroDoc's focus was on object oriented programming with Smalltalk. Hans Kamutzki was a main contributor to a MicroDoc product called "Objects for Notes", a technical Smalltalk to Lotus Notes gateway that was licensed to IBM in 1995. He worked as a technical and operational liaison between MicroDoc and IBM and spent several months with integration work in the RTP labs in Raleigh, NC and on other lab engagements. Even before Java became mainstream, MicroDoc invested in this technology and provided a number of product components to the international market of reusable components. Among these products are Java based persistence frameworks, an EJB persistency container and a variety of migration and quality assurance tools as well as some contributions to IBM's VisualAge for Java product. MicroDoc's work with Eclipse started in 2002 with an IDE migration project for a large airline. Eclipse has become a universal tool within MicroDoc since then. Eclipse is used as a development platform, but also heavily as a runtime environment for RCP and eRCP clients and server applications. As MicroDoc is building end to end solutions (starting on the mainframe and scaling down to mobile and embedded devices), the Eclipse RCP/eRCP platforms are essential building blocks for harmonizing the architecture in many MicroDoc projects today. As a Managing Directory, Hans is in charge for the embedded Java business as well as legal and contractual matters within MicroDoc today.

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