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2010 Candidate:
Hans-Joachim Brede

CEO, Bredex

Nominee for contributing member representative

Bredex GmbH joined the Eclipse Foundation as a Solutions Member in 2007. As well as using Eclipse as an IDE, we also offer RCP training. Members of Bredex have worked as contributors and committers on Eclipse projects.

email:  hans-joachim.brede at


Having spent 2009 establishing a good level of contact and communication between European and American members, as well as learning about the structures and methods of the Eclipse Board and Foundation, I see 2010 as the chance to expand and improve these contacts to pull the European and American communities even closer together.

2009 has also seen Eclipse take steps in the direction of vertical industries. While fully supporting this move, I see myself as a representative of the Eclipse community using and committing to the core technology of the platform, to ensure that the further development of Eclipse profits from the views of both groups.

About the Candidate

Hans-Joachim (Achim) Brede is the founder of BREDEX GmbH and is one of its managing directors. He has implemented and managed multiple, highly complex customer projects and is responsible for the concepts in the development of the automated test tool GUIdancer. Achim holds a Master in Computer Science and has worked with the University of Braunschweig and Digital Equipment as a technical consultant.


Since 1987, BREDEX GmbH has been providing high quality information technology services in the areas of consultancy, analysis and design, software development and training. Based in Braunschweig, the company has a history of long term customer satisfaction and a focus on forward thinking, developing individual solutions that bring future standards to current project needs. BREDEX sells GUIdancer, which is a powerful and cost effective automatic test tool for Java and HTML applications.

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