Project Plan For WTP Java EE Tools, version Helios


The Web Tool Platform (WTP) project provides extensible frameworks and exemplary tools to build Web and Java EE applications. This document describes the features and the API set in the Java EE Tools subproject for the Galileo release.

Release Deliverables

  • WTP non-SDK package
  • WTP SDK Package
  • WST non-SDK package
  • WST SDK Package
  • The Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers package

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Release Milestones

WTP Milestones.

Table of Contents

Target Environments

WTP will support the platforms certified by the Eclipse Platform project. For a list of platforms supported in WTP 3.2, see Eclipse Target Operating Environments



Internationalization and Localization will be supported.

  • Internationalization (I18N)

    Each project should be able to work in an international environment, including support for operating in different locales and processing/displaying international data (dates, strings, etc.).

  • Localization

    Each project should provide an environment that supports the localization of the technology (i.e. translation). This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring that strings are externalized for easy translation.

  • Where possible, projects should use an open and transparent process to create, maintain and deliver language packs translated into multiple languages in a timely manner. The primary languages to consider are: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish.

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Compatibility with Previous Releases

Table of Contents

Themes and Priorities

Themes and their priorities communicate the main objectives of the project and their importance. These will be prioritized based on the community feedback. New themes could be synthesized from the requirements submitted by the community.

The sections to follow defines the plan items in the Java EE Tools project. The plan items are grouped under the respective themes where applicable. Each plan item corresponds to a new feature, API or some apsects of the project that needs to be improved. A plan item has an entry in the Eclipse Bugzilla system that has a detailed description of the plan item. Not all plan items represent the same amount of work; some may be quite large, others, quite small. Although some plan items are for work that is more pressing than others, the plan items appear in no particular order. See the corresponding bugzilla items for up-to-date status information on ongoing work and planned delivery milestones.

Ease of Use

Features provided by WTP should be simple to use for users with widely-varying backgrounds and skill sets.

  • WTP User Interface should be consistent and should follow the Eclipse User Experience Guidelines.
  • Usability and Accessibility reviews should be done for the most common task flows. Cheat Sheets should be provided to assist users in performing tasks
  • WTP should provide enhanced user documentation, tutorials, white papers, demonstrations.

  • Committed
    • Refactoring for Java EE artifacts [289767] (target milestone: 3.2 M6)
    • Add keyboard mnemonics to Servlet wizards [198937] (target milestone: 3.2 M5)
    • Add keyboard mnemonics to Java EE Import/Export wizards [300697] (target milestone: 3.2 M5)
    • Add keyboard mnemonics to Java EE facet pages [300878] (target milestone: 3.2 M5)
    • Add keyboard mnemonics to the LibraryProviderInstallPanel [301674] (target milestone: 3.2 M6)
    • Add icons for module dependencies in EAR wizard [248623] (target milestone: 3.2 M3)
  • Proposed
    • Register jsp to web.xml is not user friendly [219304] (target milestone: 3.2)
  • Deferred
    • Add action to generate deployment descriptor from Annotations for Java EE 5 projects [196271] (target milestone: Future)

Java EE 6

WTP should be up-to-date with supporting the latest Java EE specification level. JSR-316 defines the latest Java EE 6 specification.

  • Committed
    • Replace Existing JavaEE Dependencies page [290041] (target milestone: 3.2 M6)
    • Default model providers for Java EE 6 facets [290033] (target milestone: 3.2 M3)
    • Java EE 6 models [252615] (target milestone: 3.2 M3)
    • Update Web Services model for JSR-109 1.3 [293585] (target milestone: 3.2 M3)
    • Create a default ModelProviderFactory for Connector 1.6 [295946] (target milestone: 3.2 M4)
    • Update Java EE artifact wizards for Java EE 6 [252618] (target milestone: 3.2 M6)
    • Project Explorer metadata content for Java EE 6 projects [299747] (target milestone: 3.2 M6)
    • Define facet and facet version for web fragments [272014] (target milestone: 3.2 M6)
    • Add content types for EE6 namespace [290019] (target milestone: 3.2 M3)
    • Upgrade/ enhance Java EE constant API's for Java EE 6 [290039] (target milestone: 3.2 M3)
    • Java EE 6 Project creation for core module types [290040] (target milestone: 3.2 M3)
    • Define facet versions for the Java EE 6 projects [252613] (target milestone: 3.2 M3)
  • Proposed
    • Ensure EE6 archives can be imported/exported and are supported in binary mode [258191] (target milestone: 3.2)
  • Deferred
    • Servlet 3.0 tooling support [252616] (target milestone: Future)


Following are plan items that are not yet categorized into a theme.

  • Committed
    • Make export operation pull from wst.server APIs to reduce redundancy and inconsistancy [265798] (target milestone: 3.2 M4)
  • Proposed
    • Move all constants used in JEE plugins in public interfaces [239598] (target milestone: 3.2)
  • Deferred
    • [j2ee] Support wildcards for runtime types in extension points [162465] (target milestone: Future)
    • Linking Web Context Roots like "Java Resources" [205408] (target milestone: Future)
    • Adding Java EE 5 modules to legacy(1.4) EAR [229893] (target milestone: Future)
    • Allowing Java EE Utility projects to be changed to Web/EJB projects [242736] (target milestone: Future)
    • Write mode for Java EE models [242722] (target milestone: Future)
    • Migrate JETEmitter usage to M2T/JET technology [248274] (target milestone: Future)
    • Support for upgrading EE spec level [194926] (target milestone: Future)

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Appendix References

  1. The general WTP plan can be found here.

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