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Project Plan For EclipseLink Project, version 2.1.0


The 2.1 release of EclispeLink will build upon the strong standards based solutions delivered in the 2.0.0 adding additional advanced functionality with ease of use and will address many of the community requests.

Release Deliverables

Table of Contents

Release Milestones

The milestone and release candidate names align with the Helios.

2.1.0 M501/27/2010
Milestone 5 - Available in Helios M5 on 02/05/2010
2.1.0 M603/10/2010
Milestone 6 - Available in Helios M6 on 03/19/2010
2.1.0 M704/28/2010
Milestone 7 - Available in Helios M7 on 05/07/2010
2.1.0 RC105/12/2010
Release Candidate 1 - Available in Helios RC1 on 05/21/2010
2.1.0 RC205/19/2010
Release Candidate 2 - Available in Helios RC2 on 05/28/2010
2.1.0 RC305/26/2010
Release Candidate 3 - Available in Helios RC3 on 06/04/2010
2.1.0 RC406/02/2010
Release Candidate 4 - Available in Helios RC4 on 06/11/2010
Eclipse Helios Release - including EclipseLink 2.1.0

Table of Contents

Target Environments

EclipseLink is intended for use in most Java environments including:

  • OSGi with specialized support for use with Equinox
  • Java SE: Using the single eclipselink.jar or a combination of the bundles.
  • Java EE: Using the single eclipselink.jar or a combination of the bundles.
  • Web Containers: Using the single eclipselink.jar or a combination of the bundles.
  • Spring: EclipseLink can be used directly or through the use of Spring's JPA templates.


EclipseLink diagnostic messages are Localized, but no translated bundles are included in this release.

Table of Contents

Compatibility with Previous Releases

EclispeLink is intended to be fully compatible with previous EclipseLink releases with the exception of previously deprecated API removed in this release. Please see Newly Deprecated API' and 'Removed API' below for complete details.

Table of Contents

Themes and Priorities


This is the EclipseLink release that will go into the annual Eclipse release named Helios scheduled for release on June 23rd 2010. Some work will be required to ensure all of the release train requirements are met and that EclipseLink functions well within the IDE as well as within the RT platform. This work will include addressing better OSGi/Equinox compatibility.


The last couple of release cycles have had a focus on major new feature areas (SDO, DBWS, JPA 2.0). This work has prevented the project team from keeping up with the community's request for enhancements and bug fixes. This release will endeavor to reduce the bug backlog to a more reasonable quantity. Continued improvements to usability focusing on simplified getting started steps as well as ability to find technical information on how EclipseLink works and how to solve both common and advanced requirements.

The goal for this release is to address:

  • Committed
    • No items.


The EclipseLink 2.1 release will include a new set of documentation delivered in HTML and PDF formats. This effort is based on these requirements. The goal is to improve the usability of the documentation.

  • Committed


In this release the project is planning to increase the advanced features available through standard API using common extension points, custom annotations, and extended XML configuration files. The goal is to enable users to work with the standards (JPA, JAXB, SDO) as much as possible and simplify the usage of advanced features.

  • Committed
    • MOXy: OXM XSD [293925] (target milestone: 2.1)
    • Expand EclipseLink-ORM.XML schema functionality for 2.1 release [227219] (target milestone: 2.1)
    • Add support to JAXB for Dynamic Persistence [296967] (target milestone: 2.1)
    • Add extended Query support [219814] (target milestone: 2.1)

Table of Contents

Appendix Bug Queries

Open Bugs: All , Foundation (Core) , JPA , MOXy , SDO , DBWS , Examples , Utils , Build

Closed Bugs: All , Foundation (Core) , JPA , MOXy , SDO , DBWS , Examples , Utils , Build

Additional Bug queries available here.

Table of Contents

Appendix Deprecated and Removed API

The following APIs are newly deprecated in this release. Please update to the recommended replacement API.

The following APIs have been removed in this release. These API were deprecated in earlier releases.

Table of Contents

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