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eclipse technology project

The Technology PMC hosts Research, Education and Incubator projects that have particular relevance to Eclipse. Unlike other PMCs it has no single overriding technical theme or objective, rather it includes a large number of projects covering a broad spectrum of technologies and technical areas. For the most part, projects operate independently from one another and the PMC allows individual projects a great deal of autonomy. The objective is to provide a home within the Eclipse Foundation for small, informally structured projects that add new capabilities to the Eclipse software base (Incubators Stream), foster greater community awareness and understanding of Eclipse (Education Stream), or explore research issues in Eclipse-relevant domains such as programming languages, tools, and development environments (Research Stream).The Eclipse Technology Project provides a lighter weight alternative to the larger scale, more structured development activities carried out by other PMCs, and helps create opportunities for researchers, academics and educators to play a significant role within the Eclipse eco-system.

The Technology Project currently has six active theme areas: Aspect-Oriented Programming, Collaboration, Education, Model Driven Development, Web Tools, and Platforms. In the list of current projects that follows, please follow the link to each project home page for more information.


Aspect-Oriented Programming



Model Driven Development

Web Tools