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Come hangout with the OpenJ9 community

1st February 2018

Our regular community hangouts are a great place to meet the team and find out what is going on in the OpenJ9 project. Everyone is welcome and the agenda is pretty flexible. Generally we discuss hot topics like release plans, issues, ideas, and working processes, but we're open to requests. If you'd like to get involved at some level, why not come along? Maybe you have some suggestions, or maybe you'd like to provide some feedback about your experiences using an OpenJDK with OpenJ9. If you just want to come and listen, well that's fine too!

Schedules, agendas, minutes, and recordings are posted in the OpenJ9 slack workspace, in the #planning channel.

To update your Google calendar: add OpenJ9 hangouts.

To join slack: request an invitation.

Join us on slack

5th December 2017

We're pleased to announce the introduction of a new slack workspace, which we hope will become a popular medium for collaborating with the OpenJ9 project team in addition to our Eclipse mailing list. Whether you have questions to ask or experiences to share, we'd love to hear from you.

Join slack: request an invitation.

Eclipse OpenJ9 for Java 8

22nd November 2017

Over the last couple of months, we've been talking about OpenJ9 with pretty much everyone who'd listen to us. People have told us that OpenJ9 for Java 9 is a great achievement, but many users and developers aren't ready to step up to Java 9 just yet. The most popular request we've heard is to combine Eclipse OpenJ9 with a Java 8 JDK so that it can be used in day-to-day development and production environments.

We heard that feedback loud and clear, and the Eclipse OpenJ9 community has been working hard to make it a reality!

The OpenJ9 project is proud to announce that you can now build OpenJDK8 with Eclipse OpenJ9. Downloadable binaries are already available at the AdoptOpenJDK project:

Download binaries here

If you want to build OpenJDK8 with OpenJ9 yourself, you can follow the instructions on our build page. Right now, you can build it for Linux on x86-64, ppc64le, s390x, and AIX. More platforms to follow!

Did we already tell you that the Eclipse OpenJ9 project uses a single code stream to implement the JVM across all supported Java releases, from Java 8 to Java 9 and beyond? That means users should get the same excellent performance, features, and new processor support from OpenJ9 no matter which Java level you're using to run your applications.

Interested in what performance you can expect for OpenJDK8 with OpenJ9? The data is not on our website at the moment, but for applications we've tried, OpenJDK8 with OpenJ9 performs the same or better than OpenJDK9 with OpenJ9. If you haven't seen the impressive results for OpenJDK9 yet, pop over to our performance page.

We're really excited to bring you Java 8 support, and we hope you'll take it for a test drive. We think it will be a great experience for you. Good or bad, let us know how it goes! You can connect with us via GitHub issues or on stackoverflow using the #OpenJ9 tag. We look forward to hearing from you!

The OpenJ9 project leads: Mark, Dan, Peter, and Jonathan