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Latest release

Eclipse OpenJ9 version 0.29.0 and 0.29.1 released

We're pleased to announce the availability of Eclipse OpenJ9 v0.29.0 and v0.29.1.

  • The 0.29.0 release supports OpenJDK 8 and 11. The 0.29.1 release supports OpenJDK 17. For more information about supported platforms and OpenJDK versions, see Supported environments.
  • In this release, Linux AArch64 is a fully supported, production-ready target. JITServer technology is also fully supported on Linux on x86 and Linux on IBM Power systems (64-bit only).
  • To read more about these and other changes, see the OpenJ9 user documentation.

Other performance highlights

  • AArch64 adds significant performance improvements to System.arraycopy() and interface method dispatches from JIT-compiled methods.
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Recent blogs

Copyforward&Mark Hybrid Collector

17 December 2021

Background Xgcpolicy:balanced Open J9’s Balanced GC policy is a region based, incremental generational collector, unlike the default generational concurrent policy (gencon), which is probably best suited for the most traditional java application, Balanced GC is designed to be used on large heap to reduce maximum pause times. In Balanced GC The Java heap is divided…

Save Money with JITServer on the Cloud – an AWS Experiment

20 October 2021

With contributions from Marius Pirvu. What is JITServer Technology? JITServer Technology is an Eclipse OpenJ9 JVM technology that decouples the JIT compiler from the JVM and lets the JIT compiler run remotely in its own process. This technique keeps the advantages of JIT compilations while eliminating their negative effects such as CPU and memory spikes,…

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OpenJ9 is an Eclipse Incubator Project
OpenJ9 is an Eclipse Incubator Project
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