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Object Teams - Archived Downloads

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Archived Milestone Release of the OTDT
prior to the 0.7.0 Release

The Object Teams project has released its first Milestone Releases after the move to Due to the incubation status of the project, this release has the version 0.7.0 (Mx), which is the direct successor of the stable release 1.4.0 from

Download Archived update site:
Available Milestone Releases towards 0.7:
 Required Eclipse VersionCommand Line CompilerBugs Fixed
OTDT 0.7.0 Release Candidate 1 — (2010/06/23)
  Eclipse SDK 3.6.0 ecotj.jar
OTDT 0.7.0 Milestone 4 — (2010/06/11)
  Eclipse SDK 3.6.0 RC4 ecotj.jar
OTDT 0.7.0 Milestone 3 — (2010/05/31)
  Eclipse SDK 3.6.0 RC3 ecotj.jar
OTDT 0.7.0 Milestone 2 — (2010/05/07)
  Eclipse SDK 3.6.0 M7 ecotj.jar
OTDT 0.7.0 Milestone 1 — (2010/04/25)
  This Warm-Up Release is no longer available.
Common Documentation:
  • See this HowTo for migrating your projects from an older tool version (from
  • User visible changes are collected in the cummulative New & Noteworthy.

Stable Releases for Eclipse 3.3 - 3.6 M6

For older versions and until a stable release is approved by the Eclipse foundation, you may still consult our old download page at for existing releases.

Howto Install

Nothing special, just...
  1. Install Eclipse SDK 3.6.0 RC4 (you may also use your favorite Eclipse Package but it has to be exactly 3.6.0 RC4).
  2. Open "Help > Install New Software ..."
  3. Add as a new site to work with
  4. Select both provided features
    • Object Teams Development Tooling (Incubation): the IDE for Object Teams
    • Object Teams Equinox Integration (Incubation): runtime required by the above feature
    or simply check the parent category "OTDT 0.7.x (Incubation) based on Eclipse 3.6".
  5. Click through the wizard upto and including the required restart of Eclipse.
Some hints on how you may check the installation:
  • Browse content from the welcome page or from help ("Object Teams Development User Guide").
  • Find new icons in "About Eclipse SDK" dialog
  • From this about dialog click through to the plug-ins of "Eclipse RCP" and scroll to the "Workbench" plug-in:
    You should see a note that this plug-in is adapted by two Object Teams plug-ins.
  • Install a shipped OT/J example via "File > New > Example ...", one of
    • Stop Watch Example (easiest).
    • Observer Example (straight forward).
    • Flight Bonus Example (comprehensive, high density of OT/J concepts).
    • Order System Example (comprehensive, not quite as dense).
    • ATM Example (special demo for guard predicates).

This project is currently in its Validation (Incubation) Phase.

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