Package org.eclipse.nebula.effects.stw

Interface Summary
Transitionable Object implementing this interface enables the TransitionManager to carry out transition effects either on it or on the object it's delegate for.

A "transitionable" widget is a widget that can provide a set of methods to a TransitionManager either through direct implementation of this interface or through delegation by providing a delegate object implementing this interface.

A "transitionable" widget is supposed to have a list of Control objects of at least one Control object.
TransitionListener Classes which implement this interface provide methods that handle the transition finished event.
After creating an instance of a class that implements this interface it can be added to a transition manager using the TransitionManager.addTransitionListener(TransitionListener) method and removed using the TransitionManager.removeTransitionListener(TransitionListener) method.

Class Summary
ImageCapture Image Capture
Transition An abstract class handling the basic actions required for whatever transition effect.
TransitionManager Transition manager applies the required transition on a Transitionable object.