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Nebula Gallery R_0_20110516 release notes


This release is the latest stable version of the Nebula Gallery widget : v0.5.4_R_0_20110516. This is NOT a 1.0 release : the nebula project is still in its incubation phase and some features are still missing in the widget (see below). However, this version is stable enough to be included in RCP applications or plugins.


The Gallery plug-in includes 3 main components :

Component Package API Features Comments
Gallery Widget Stable Stable Except experimental feature 'fillIfsingle'
Gallery Viewer org.eclipse.nebula.jface.galleryviewer Stable Dev Standard mode should be quite stable but requires a lot of testing. SWT.VIRTUAL mode is not yet implemented.
Nebula Animation org.eclipse.nebula.animation Dev Stable Will be moved to CWT at some point. Effects are working great but API will be improved in the future.

Dev : features not fully implemented, major API changes expected, ...

New features and changes

  • Autohide scrollbar : Scrollbar will be displayed only if required.
  • Bug and performances fixes


Nebula Gallery widget v0.5.4_R_0_20110516.


See Nebula Gallery v0.5.4_R_0_20110516 changelog (bugzilla).

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