Nebula CompositeTable History

The CompositeTable build version is placed in the README file in the distribution. By examining the version number in your README file, you can see if a bug you have encountered is fixed in future versions.

2/26/2008 Version 0.9.4

  • More bug fixes from community; notably around row event handling. Thanks!

1/25/2008 Version 0.9.3

  • A slew of bugfixes and enhancements from the community. Thanks!

2/5/2007 Version

  • Added new delete listener method; added RowDeleteAdapter; added command API

2/3/2007 Version 0.9.2

  • Fixed several redraw bugs plus bug #164419.

1/30/2007 Version 0.9.1

  • Added movable, resizable native header.

1/19/2006 Version 0.9.0

  • NOTE: API change. Cleaned up layout manager API to make resizable columns possible.

12/14/2006 Version 0.8.2

12/14/2006 Version 0.8.1

  • Fixed an obscure bug that could cause Platform/UI to throw an assertion failed exception when used in an RCP app; fixed possible WidgetDisposedException.

12/14/2006 Version 0.8.0

  • The initial website is up; initial release!