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Nebula CDateTime Widget(Developer API)

The primary purpose of the CDateTime widget is to provide an end-user with the means to specify a date and time in terms of a java.util.Date object.


CDateTime(Composite parent, int style)


void addModifyListener(ModifyListener listener)
void addSelectionListener(SelectionListener listener)
Locale getLocale()
String getPattern()
Date getSelection()
String getText()
boolean isOpen()
void removeModifyListener(ModifyListener listener)
void removeSelectionListener(SelectionListener listener)
void setButtonVisibility(int visibility)
void setButtonVisible(boolean visible)
void setFormat(int format) throws IllegalArgumentException
void setHoldOpen(boolean holdOpen)
void setLocale(Locale locale)
void setOpen(boolean open)
void setPattern(String pattern) throws IllegalArgumentException
void setSelection(Date date)
void setStretch(boolean stretch)


SelectionListener.widgetDefaultSelectedCalled when a 'full' selection is made (refer to End-User Operation)
SelectionListener.widgetSelectedCalled when a new selection is made, which can be whenever any Calendar field changes

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