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Nebula Calendar Combo Widget



The Calendar Combo Widget is a combo box widget that opens a calendar when dropped down. The calendar is modelled after Microsoft Outlook's calendar widget and acts and behaves exactly the same (and it is also theme based).

Another "feature" is that the combo is not based on CCombo (as many other custom implementations), but is instead programatically attached to the native Combo box.

By default, the widget comes with Default implementations for everything that allows you to skin the combo according to the following:

    » Outlook 2005 - Windows XP Blue Theme
    » Outlook 2005 - Windows XP Olive Theme
    » Outlook 2005 - Windows XP Silver Theme

Update! The CalendarCombo now supports date range selection. Due to this the constructor API has been reworked. Another addition is the ability to set dates "prior to" and "after" which should be blocked from user selection.

IMPORTANT: Due to certain listeners not firing, this widget does not work correctly under GTK. It does work fine on Windows and OS X.

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