Nebula Tiers

The Nebula project is an incubator. As such, each widget in Nebula will change over time. Users should be aware that they are not using a complete and 100% supported widget. As widgets progress, method signatures may change and features may be removed and/or added. So in order to try to give Nebula users an indication of a widget's stability, each widget will be organized into either tier 1 or tier 2.

  • Tier 1
    All initial widget contributions will start at tier 1. At tier 1 widgets should be considered (at best) minimally supported. Widget authors may have not completed their widget yet. Many changes will likely occur while a widget is in tier 1.
  • Tier 2
    At tier 2, widgets should be mostly feature complete. Though tier 2 widgets are still not 100% supported API, users can assume a smaller amount of changes will likely occur. If an author wishes his/her widget to be included in SWT, this is the proper time to start discussing requirements with the SWT team. In order for a widget to graduate from Nebula into SWT, it must satisfy some SWT requirements such as:
    • CLDC - SWT is CLDC compatible and therefore is restricted in its use of core JDK classes.
    • Accessiblity - All widgets must be accessible (see getAccessible).
    • SWT Paradigms - Widget should seek to match core SWT paradigms such as a single two argument constructor (Composite parent, int style) as well as other existing paradigms.