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Getting started


You can install NatTable to your environment by using the NatTable Update Site.

To install the NatTable extensions for GlazedLists and Apache POI, the necessary third-party dependencies need to be available for the installation process. This can be done by adding the Eclipse Orbit p2 update site to the list of Available Software Sites.


One of the best ways to get familiar with it is to see example code. There are lots of examples in the org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.nattable.examples package.

Running the examples

Download and run NatTableExamples-xx.jar (executable jar file). It launches which aggregates the examples in a tabbed window and shows the associated source code.

Note that the NatTableExamples jar does not contain SWT, so you need to include the appropriate SWT jars for your platform on the command line, e.g.:

java -cp org.eclipse.swt.win32.win32.x86_.jar;NatTableExamples.jar org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.nattable.examples.NatTableExamples

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