Committers (Section 1)

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Developers (Section 2)

ComponentBug #ContributorSizeDescription
Releng Search CVS for bug 255453 255453nwourms1.0KUML2 Tools 0.9M3 cannot be installed from update site
  • Patch 1/2 to resolve dependency issue
Releng Search CVS for bug 255453 255453nwourms1.0K  • Patch 2/2 to resolve dependency issue

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Third Party Software (Section 3)

ComponentName & VersionLocationLicenseUsageCQ
ocl LPG Runtime and Generated OCL Parser 1 Orbit CQ 1080303
ocl LPG Java Runtime v1.0lpgjavaruntime.jarEclipse Public License Version 1.0entire package1080
ocl LPG Java Runtime v1.0net.sourceforge.lpg.lpgjavaruntime v1_0Eclipse Public License Version 1.0OSGi bundle1080
ocl LPG Java Runtime v1.1net.sourceforge.lpg.lpgjavaruntime v1_1Eclipse Public License Version 1.0OSGi bundle1081

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Some components are currently in their Validation (Incubation) Phase.

Developers (Section 2)
Third Party Software (Section 3)
Data Inclusion

Note that this data is only as accurate as the process used to collect it. To appear in this list, a contribution must: (1) have a related bug, (2) include a patch type attachment, and (3) bear the contributed keyword.

For older bugs that do not follow the above convention, you can also tag a contribution by entering a [contrib email="..."/] comment in a bug, or add some Additional IP like this.

If you see an omission and cannot correct it yourself, please report it.