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Component 1.1 Draft Plan

Last revised 14 May, 2007 15.45 EST. indicates changes over the previous version.

This is the draft plan for the MDT OCL component. Please send comments about this draft plan to the developer mailing list or the eclipse.modeling.mdt.ocl newsgroup.

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Milestone Plans

Milestone Plan (1.1 M4)
Key Dates
  • R1.1 Milestone 4: 22 December, 2006
  • Last day of development: 15 December, 2006
  • Build/test/fix pass: 19 December, 2006
Plan details

Project Restructuring

  • LPG. Consume LPG runtime library from the Orbit project.

Appealing to a Broader Community

  • Stand-alone support. Provide a stand-alone (Eclipse-free) OCL build.

Enable Consistent Multi-language Support

  • ICU4J. Isolate and minimize dependency on ICU4J; ensure support for the 'thin' variant of ICU4J.
Milestone Plan (1.1 M5)
Key Dates
  • R1.1 Milestone 5: 16 February, 2007
  • Last day of development: 9 February, 2007
  • Build/test/fix pass: 13 February, 2007
Plan details


  • Integration with UML. Provide support for parsing and evaluating OCL constraints and expressions on the UML metamodel.

Design for Extensibility -- Be a Better Platform

  • Parsing API. Provide a public API for parsing OCL documents, with the complete context declaration syntax.
  • EMF 2.3 / J2SE 5 Support. Adopt EMF 2.3, including regeneration of the OCL metamodel.
Milestone Plan (1.1 M6: API Freeze)
Key Dates
  • R1.1 Milestone 6: 30 March, 2007
  • Last day of development: 23 March, 2007
  • Build/test/fix pass: 27 March, 2007
Plan details

Design for Extensibility -- Be a Better Platform

  • OCL Conformance. Validate and document the API's conformance to the OCL Specification's compliance points. This includes which language capabilities are supported and which metamodels (EMOF/Ecore, UML) are supported.

Appealing to a Broader Community

  • Standard Compliance. Maintain currency of the API with the OMG's OCL, ensuring backward API compatibility.
Milestone Plan (1.1 M7: RC0)
Key Dates
  • R1.1 Milestone 7 (RC0): 11 May, 2007
  • Last day of development: 4 May, 2007
  • Build/test/fix pass: 18 May, 2007
Plan details

Simple to Use

  • Improved Documentation. Develop a complete Programmer's Guide for the OCL subcomponent.
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