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Committers (Section 1)

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Developers (Section 2)

ComponentBug #ContributorSizeDescription
Tools Search CVS for bug 101163 101163jacek.pospychalaThe project's source folder is not properly handled
  • [contrib email=""/]
Tools Search CVS for bug 130468 130468digulla5.8KExceptions after clicking into "Instance Class Name"
  • Patch to fix this bug and some related ones
Tools Search CVS for bug 130468 130468digulla  • [contrib email=""/] The changes (with very minor tweaks) have been committed to CVS.
Tools Search CVS for bug 136881 136881psodre2.0KJET override/inserts for ItemProvider.javajet
  • Override/Insert for collectNewChildDescriptors.
Tools Search CVS for bug 136881 136881psodre1.1K  • Override/Insert for adding Factories to the Editor.
Tools Search CVS for bug 136881 136881psodre  • The changes have been committed to CVS. I've added control over all the parts of the new child descriptor creation code and I've also moved the editor's constructor code to a separate method so that the code is easier to specialized using the "rename-to-Gen" approach. This change includes contributed code from the patches. [contrib email=""/]
Tools Search CVS for bug 147594 147594davidms2.5KJET Compiler doesn't create missing target folder
  • Reformatted version of Chris' patch
Tools Search CVS for bug 147594 147594zx  • [contrib email=""/]
Tools Search CVS for bug 149770 149770Eric.Norman1.5KJETBuilder should call IWorkspace.validateEdit(..) before file updates
  • Proposed patch to JETCompileTemplateOperation
Tools Search CVS for bug 149770 149770enorman  • [contrib email=""/] The contribution has been committed to CVS.
Tools Search CVS for bug 156783 156783jdidionAdd AES implementation of URIConverter.Cipher
  • [contrib email=""/] Thanks for this contribution John. I've used your patch to create the org.eclipse.emf.ecore.resource.impl.AESCipherImpl. I did some changes to your initail code though: - the size of the key can be set on the AESCipherImpl - which is then passed on to the static method generateKey(int). - the original outpustream on encrypt(OutputStream) is now being wrapped by a FilterOutputStream that prevents it to be closed when the CipherSOutputtream is closed. You've referred to this "closing stream issue" as a bug but it is actually working as designed. If you look at Map) you will notice that since the stream is passed by the application we cannot blidnly close it. The changes are committed to CVS.
Tools Search CVS for bug 179004 179004marcelop2.7K[Compatiblity]JDOM-based JMerge facade NPEs standard JMerge rules
  • Changes to the current source code
Tools Search CVS for bug 179004 179004pelder  • [contrib email=""/] The changes have been committed to CVS.
Tools Search CVS for bug 233843 233843davidms79.7KGenmodel should allow to configure how Interface and Implementation names of classes are computed
  • Patch take 3

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Third Party Software (Section 3)

ComponentName & VersionLocationLicenseUsageCQ

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Third Party "Works-With" Software (Non-EPL, Non-Distributed)

ComponentName & VersionLocationLicenseUsageCQ

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Some components are currently in their Validation (Incubation) Phase.

Committers (Section 1)

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Developers (Section 2)
Third Party Software (Section 3)
Data Inclusion

Note that this data is only as accurate as the process used to collect it. To appear in this list, a contribution must: (1) have a related bug, (2) include a patch type attachment, and (3) bear the contributed keyword.

For older bugs that do not follow the above convention, you can also tag a contribution by entering a [contrib email="..."/] comment in a bug, or add some Additional IP like this.

If you see an omission and cannot correct it yourself, please report it.

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