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Committers (Section 1)

  • See list at right.

Developers (Section 2)

ComponentBug #ContributorSizeDescription
Edit Search CVS for bug 75625 75625Ed.Merks15.4K[Plan Item] Review JFace's data binding design to determine how best to exploit it
  • Patches to produce a crude form for the Ecore Editor
Edit Search CVS for bug 75625 75625eclipse-bugs1.7K  • Patch to work around bug in EMFObservableList
Tools Search CVS for bug 101163 101163jacek.pospychalaThe project's source folder is not properly handled
  • [contrib email=""/]
Core Search CVS for bug 122422 122422ptitjes1.7KMaking ECrossReferenceEList overrides simpler
  • Patch for ECrossReferenceEList implementation
Core Search CVS for bug 122422 122422ptitjes  • [contrib email=""/]
XML/XMI Search CVS for bug 129874 129874jesper13.5KDefault encoding for XML save doesn't preserve Unicode characters
  • Patch for proposed solution A
XML/XMI Search CVS for bug 129874 129874jesper23.9K  • New test case demonstrating a variation on the problem
XML/XMI Search CVS for bug 129874 129874Ed.Merks14.6K  • Simple interim patch
XML/XMI Search CVS for bug 129874 129874jesper  • [contrib email=""/]
Tools Search CVS for bug 130468 130468digulla5.8KExceptions after clicking into "Instance Class Name"
  • Patch to fix this bug and some related ones
Tools Search CVS for bug 130468 130468digulla  • [contrib email=""/] The changes (with very minor tweaks) have been committed to CVS.
Core Search CVS for bug 130525 130525mailremoveAll problem in DelegatingEList
  • [contrib email=""/]
Edit Search CVS for bug 131811 131811pnehrerMemory leak in ItemProviderAdapter when using wrappers
  • [contrib email=""/]
XML/XMI Search CVS for bug 132360 132360steve19.1KIndenting fix for Java 5
  • 2.1.1 version of file with fixes
XML/XMI Search CVS for bug 132360 132360ssexton  • [contrib email=""/] The TransformerFactory is already being created in DefaultJAXPConifguration.createTransformer() so the part where the JAXP attribute is set was placed there instead.
Tools Search CVS for bug 136881 136881psodre2.0KJET override/inserts for ItemProvider.javajet
  • Override/Insert for collectNewChildDescriptors.
Tools Search CVS for bug 136881 136881psodre1.1K  • Override/Insert for adding Factories to the Editor.
Tools Search CVS for bug 136881 136881psodre  • The changes have been committed to CVS. I've added control over all the parts of the new child descriptor creation code and I've also moved the editor's constructor code to a separate method so that the code is easier to specialized using the "rename-to-Gen" approach. This change includes contributed code from the patches. [contrib email=""/]
Tools Search CVS for bug 147594 147594davidms2.5KJET Compiler doesn't create missing target folder
  • Reformatted version of Chris' patch
Tools Search CVS for bug 147594 147594zx  • [contrib email=""/]
Tools Search CVS for bug 149770 149770Eric.Norman1.5KJETBuilder should call IWorkspace.validateEdit(..) before file updates
  • Proposed patch to JETCompileTemplateOperation
Tools Search CVS for bug 149770 149770enorman  • [contrib email=""/] The contribution has been committed to CVS.
Edit Search CVS for bug 150500 150500hrr1.4Kbugs in merge algorithm in AdapterFactoryContentProvider$ViewerRefresh
  • patch that fixes the described bugs
Edit Search CVS for bug 150500 150500hrr  • [contrib email=""/]
Teneo Search CVS for bug 155131 155131douglas.bitting185.1KSupport for Hibernate-specific annotations
  • Patch to support hibernate-specific annotations.
Tools Search CVS for bug 156783 156783jdidionAdd AES implementation of URIConverter.Cipher
  • [contrib email=""/] Thanks for this contribution John. I've used your patch to create the org.eclipse.emf.ecore.resource.impl.AESCipherImpl. I did some changes to your initail code though: - the size of the key can be set on the AESCipherImpl - which is then passed on to the static method generateKey(int). - the original outpustream on encrypt(OutputStream) is now being wrapped by a FilterOutputStream that prevents it to be closed when the CipherSOutputtream is closed. You've referred to this "closing stream issue" as a bug but it is actually working as designed. If you look at Map) you will notice that since the stream is passed by the application we cannot blidnly close it. The changes are committed to CVS.
Teneo Search CVS for bug 158353 158353douglas.bitting1.1K[PATCH] Incorrect reporting of SQLCaseStrategy
  • Correctly report SQLCaseStrategy
Teneo Search CVS for bug 158356 158356douglas.bitting4.3K[PATCH] Support unversioned entities
  • Support new PersistentOption.ALWAYS_VERSION
Teneo Search CVS for bug 158376 158376douglas.bitting1.1K[PATCH] Embedded Ids generate invalid column mapping
  • dcb.patch
Teneo Search CVS for bug 158782 158782douglas.bitting1.3K[PATCH] ManyToMany always includes computed JoinColumn
  • dcb.patch
Teneo Search CVS for bug 158849 158849douglas.bitting1.6K[PATCH] AnnotationTokenizer is overly restrictive
  • Search CVS for bug 158849 158849.patch
Teneo Search CVS for bug 158851 158851douglas.bitting1.1K[PATCH] EAnnotationParserImporter doesn't find subtypes
  • Search CVS for bug 158851 158851.patch
Teneo Search CVS for bug 158853 158853douglas.bitting2.1K[PATCH] Support for like-named annotations
  • Search CVS for bug 158853 158853.patch
Edit Search CVS for bug 161744 161744irbull4.5KgetReachableObjectsOfType StackOverFlow on Large Instance Data
  • Uses a queue instead of deep recursion
Edit Search CVS for bug 161744 161744Ed.Merks13.9K  • The changes I think we'll commit
Edit Search CVS for bug 161744 161744irbull  • [contrib email=""/] I've committed the changes in the patch.
Teneo Search CVS for bug 162339 162339mkanaley10.8KSupport for custom EMF data types
  • - an update to an existing Teneo class (CVS – revision 1.2).
Teneo Search CVS for bug 162339 162339mkanaley8.3K  • - a new class for the Teneo distribution. It is a Hibernate UserType implementation to de/serialize the custom data type to/from the VARCHAR column.
Teneo Search CVS for bug 165428 165428ilya.klyuchnikov2.2KWhen teneo loads objects into HibernateResource there are no notifications also "lazy" loading doesn't add objects to resource
  • patch
Teneo Search CVS for bug 165450 165450ilya.klyuchnikov2.3KIt would be great if hibernate resource can incrementally load objects by query
  • proposed patch
Edit Search CVS for bug 165770 165770halEnhance combo box cell editor to support typing a prefix filter
  • [contrib email=""/] This is a very helpful contribution. I got so used to having this convenience it quickly became annoying not to have it. I've committed the changes to HEAD.
Core Search CVS for bug 166112 166112pnehrer82.3KSupport XML Processing Instructions
  • Proposed patch that could address this feature request.
Core Search CVS for bug 166112 166112pnehrer  • [contrib email=""/] Changes derived from your patches have been committed to CVS. A number of issues needed to be addessed some stemming from early and unrelated changes. The instanceType of a SimpleAnyType should be considered transient in XMLSave and with the new detection of dangling IDREF references a save problem shows up. FeatureMapEntries shouldn't be serializeable since they can't be properly deserialized; their feature needs to be considered non-transient in XMLSave. Since the special mixed contents features of the XML Type Document root are always isMany they should not be surfaced as a single valued accessor in the XMLTypeDocumentRoot's API. :-( So I've suppressed them from the API and ensured they are generated as multi-valued. The XSDEcoreBuilder was producing a bogus base class for SimpleAnyType so that was special cased to suppress it. I renamed ProcessingInstructionType to just be ProcessingInstruction. I didn't provide the special create method for ProcessingInstruction in the factory. It's better for people to use the special FeatureMapUtil.add/createEntry methods.
XML/XMI Search CVS for bug 166967 166967pnehrerWhen serializing XML documents trailing comments don't get placed on a new line
  • [contrib email=""/] The suggested changes have been committed to CVS.
Core Search CVS for bug 170204 170204jfrancisID of Plugin containing a generated EPackage
  • [contrib email=""/] We've used the content of the method getModelPluginIDfromEPackageNSUri(String) below to implement the following JUnit test method Thanks for posting the code.
Core Search CVS for bug 170223 170223boris.gruschko1.7KeNameToFeatureMap in EClassImpl is not being updated after structural feature name had changed
  • Patch for the test case. Needed for bug reproduction.
Core Search CVS for bug 170223 170223boris.gruschko1.3K  • A crude patch fixing the problem.
Core Search CVS for bug 170223 170223boris  • [contrib email=""/] The changes are committed to CVS; rather than an adapter I override setName to make it more efficient. I also made a similar fix for EPackage.getEClassifier. I've included your test case in our JUnits so that's a contribution
Teneo Search CVS for bug 175909 175909bvetter1.2KDate & DateTime XSD mappings are to a VARCHAR and not date or timestamp
  • Patch to the AbstractMapper class
Teneo Search CVS for bug 175909 175909bvetter2.8K  • Patch to the ECoreDataTypes class
Teneo Search CVS for bug 175909 175909bvetter6.1K  • Additional hibernate mapping classes for data and datetime
Teneo Search CVS for bug 176356 176356benjamin677.0BsetModified(false) is not called after a succesful save() on the StoreResource
  • Patch against R0_7_0_maintenance branch
Teneo Search CVS for bug 176833 176833jdboudreault42.1Kchange relational mapping of EMap
  • The newly refactored EMap
Teneo Search CVS for bug 177369 177369jdboudreault66.6KImplement a new system option to enable full classification of entities implementation
  • this patch provides a new option to enable fully qualified names
Tools Search CVS for bug 179004 179004marcelop2.7K[Compatiblity]JDOM-based JMerge facade NPEs standard JMerge rules
  • Changes to the current source code
Tools Search CVS for bug 179004 179004pelder  • [contrib email=""/] The changes have been committed to CVS.
Teneo Search CVS for bug 179313 179313jdboudreault4.2KColumn annotation attribute "nullable" is not being considered in hbm mapping.
  • ensures that the column nullable annotation attribute is considered when generating mapping.
Core Search CVS for bug 185971 185971Ed.Merks19.8KEMF RegistryReaders need to be dynamic
  • I'll attach again as a patch so the diff will show.
Core Search CVS for bug 185971 185971backhous  • The changes are committed to CVS. I'll mark this as a contribution since I morphed your example into the final solution [contrib email=""/]
Teneo Search CVS for bug 195242 195242benjamin3.5KHibernate SessionWrapper should allow to execute queries with named parameters
  • Adds support for queries with named parameters
Teneo Search CVS for bug 196687 196687jason.henriksen.spam7.7Kteneo should support commenting the output hbm
  • patch to support commenting the hbm file
Teneo Search CVS for bug 196689 196689jason.henriksen.spam6.3KTeneo should support using a non-standard named hbm file
  • patch to allow user to specify which file to use for HBM
Teneo Search CVS for bug 197110 197110benjamin2.3KTeneoSQLNameStrategy should not remove the first vowel when doing truncation
  • Fix to always preserve the first char (whether it's a vowel or not) during truncation
Teneo Search CVS for bug 197514 197514benjamin975.0BPersistenceOptions.SET_FOREIGN_KEY_NAME : bad default value
  • my two cents as always :)
Teneo Search CVS for bug 198124 198124sbernard8.8KMore accurate default containment/non-containment cascade policy needed
  • custom default cascade policy
cdo.net4j Search CVS for bug 201366 201366smcduff3.8KChannels are messed up in remote connector
  • Patch to see the problem
cdo.net4j Search CVS for bug 201366 201366smcduff3.9K  • TestCase and possible fix
cdo.net4j Search CVS for bug 201457 201457smcduff2.1KCannot compile BufferPool using Maven (Generics)
  • Patch
Teneo Search CVS for bug 207799 207799karypid4.0KNoClassDefFoundError for XMLGregorianCalendarImpl
  • Use DatatypeFactory to construct XMLGregorianCalendar.
Edit Search CVS for bug 210139 210139eclipse-bugs5.7KProvide provisonal APIs to support data binding.
  • Patch to make EditingDomain observable value more flexible
Edit Search CVS for bug 210139 210139Boris_Bokowski  • I'm really not sure but I certainly consider that Boris and Giulio make significant contributions that could easily and likely did exceed 100 lines. But I would hope that we've not exceeded the 250 "we should have had it reviewed by IP limit" although to be perfectly honest I didn't get out my line-of-code count-o-meter to test that. Of course a lawyer could do deltas between the patches and come up with such a figure if they felt so inclined. I just want to be sure that Boris and Giulio are recognized as having made a significant contribution to the final result. Perhaps we could peg each at ~200 lines call it a medium (rather than small) contribution and allow the lawyers to to split hairs if necessary. [contrib email=""] [contrib email=""] Thanks guys for helping make EMF even more useful to even more people!!
Edit Search CVS for bug 210139 210139giulio.seregni  • Only one of these allowed per comment. [contrib email=""]
Core Search CVS for bug 215131 215131Ed.Merks2.7K[Databinding] EMF support for ComposedMap like BeanObservables
  • We'd want something analogous in EMFEditObservables...
Core Search CVS for bug 215131 215131endante  • [contrib email=""] The changes have been committed to CVS for 2.4.
Teneo Search CVS for bug 215427 215427ole.ersoy811.0BDocumentation Update
  • Documentation Patch
Teneo Search CVS for bug 216658 216658jason.henriksen.spam13.8KThe back tick character makes DB2 not work URI Mapper plugin Default DataStore name
  • Patch to apply the items listed above
Teneo Search CVS for bug 224790 224790n_phaneesh1701048.2KNamedQuery annotation support for Hibernate
  • Patch for NamedQuery Support
Teneo Search CVS for bug 227673 227673jason.henriksen.spam7.8KNeed to specify alternate date handler classes
  • requested patch
XML/XMI Search CVS for bug 229998 229998Ed.Merks7.7KEMOF Comment and Property.oppositeRoleName support
  • A few updates and formatting changes
XML/XMI Search CVS for bug 229998 229998ed  • shows it just fine. If you want it to appear as a non-obsolete patch in future you can: a) not mark patches obsolete when you resubmit them to the bug - or - b) add the contrib tag at any point to a bug [contrib email=""/]
Tools Search CVS for bug 233843 233843davidms79.7KGenmodel should allow to configure how Interface and Implementation names of classes are computed
  • Patch take 3
Core Search CVS for bug 233847 233847tom.schindl3.6KInternal Ecore-Code not as efficient as possible for primitive integers shorts ...
  • Ecore-Impl patch
Core Search CVS for bug 233847 233847tom.schindl3.2K  • Util-patch
Core Search CVS for bug 233847 233847tom.schindl3.2K  • xml-util-patch
Core Search CVS for bug 233848 233848tom.schindl1.3KSuspicious code in EcoreValidator#isMatching() & equalTypeArguments
  • patch
Core Search CVS for bug 233850 233850tom.schindl952.0BPossible NPE in RegEx#dumpRanges
  • patch
Core Search CVS for bug 233852 233852tom.schindl4.5K[Common] Code should use autoboxing instead of creating a new object type
  • patch
XML/XMI Search CVS for bug 233854 233854tom.schindl3.5KInternal code should use autoboxing instead of creating object for primitives
  • patch
Edit Search CVS for bug 233855 233855tom.schindl857.0BSuspicious code in ChangeCommand#new()
  • patch
Edit Search CVS for bug 233856 233856tom.schindl1.1KRemoveCommand#toString() should use Arrays#toString()
  • patch
Edit Search CVS for bug 233857 233857tom.schindl2.2KInternal code should use autoboxing instead of creating object for primitives
  • patch
Edit Search CVS for bug 233858 233858tom.schindl1.1KUnneeded instanceof check in ItemProviderAdapter#getCreateChildDescription
  • patch
Core Search CVS for bug 233860 233860tom.schindl1.1K[Common] Unneeded concat with a null-Value
  • patch
Core Search CVS for bug 233861 233861tom.schindl939.0B[Common] ArchiveURLConnection#getOutputStream() unneeded call to toString() on a String
  • patch
XML/XMI Search CVS for bug 233864 233864tom.schindl872.0BXMIMapImpl has unneeded instanceof check
  • patch
XML/XMI Search CVS for bug 233865 233865tom.schindl4.0KInefficient usage of keySet
  • patch
Core Search CVS for bug 234656 234656florian2.5KEStructuralFeatureImpl.dynamicGet unsets resolved Objects when cross resource containment is used
  • Testcase to reproduce
Core Search CVS for bug 234656 234656Ed.Merks6.8K  • Make sure the test is invoked from the suite

98 records found.

Third Party Software (Section 3)

ComponentName & VersionLocationLicenseUsageCQ
emf XML4J 4.3ecore.jar Apache Software Licensederivative work338
emf Tomcat 3.2.4codegen.jar Apache Software Licensederivative work2335
sdo SDO 1.0 Specification Interfaces org.eclipse.emf.ecore.commonj.sdo Royalty-free license from IBM/BEA (see about.html)unmodified source2336
net4j JMS Spec Version: 1.1 (Glassfish)org.eclipse.net4j.jms.api EPL-compatible CDDLunmodified binary2338
net4j Apache Commons Codec 1.3org.apache.commons.codec EPL 1.0OSGi bundle2339
net4j Apache HttpClient 3.1org.apache.commons.httpclient EPL 1.0OSGi bundle2340
net4j Apache Derby EPL 1.0OSGi bundle2341

7 records found.

Third Party "Works-With" Software (Non-EPL, Non-Distributed)

ComponentName & VersionLocationLicenseUsageCQ
teneo asm.jar 1.5.3 org.eclipse.emf.teneo.hibernate.libraries ObjectWeb Licensenot shipped2427
teneo bcel-5.1.jar org.eclipse.emf.teneo.jpox.libraries Apache 2.0not shipped2435
teneo cglib-2.1.3.jar org.eclipse.emf.teneo.hibernate.libraries Apache 2.0not shipped2428
teneo commons-collections.jar 2.1.1 org.eclipse.emf.teneo.hibernate.libraries Apache 2.0not shipped2429
teneo commons-logging.jar 1.0.4 org.eclipse.emf.teneo.hibernate.libraries Apache 2.0not shipped2436
teneo dom4j-1.6.1.jar org.eclipse.emf.teneo.hibernate.libraries BSD stylenot shipped2430
teneo hibernate3.jar 3.2.5 GA org.eclipse.emf.teneo.hibernate LGPL 2.1not shipped2431
teneo jdo2-api-2.0.jar org.eclipse.emf.teneo.jpox.libraries Apache 2.0not shipped2394
teneo jpox-1.1.7.jar old version; no longer used Apache 2.0not shipped2393
teneo jpox-1.1.9.jar org.eclipse.emf.teneo.jpox.libraries Apache 2.0not shipped2434
teneo jta.jar org.eclipse.emf.teneo.hibernate.libraries Sun Binary Licensenot shipped2432
cdo asm.jar 1.5.3 org.eclipse.emf.cdo.server.hibernate.libraries ObjectWeb Licensenot shipped2418
cdo cglib-2.1.3.jar org.eclipse.emf.cdo.server.hibernate.libraries Apache 2.0not shipped2419
cdo commons-collections-2.1.1.jar org.eclipse.emf.cdo.server.hibernate.libraries Apache 2.0not shipped2420
cdo hibernate3.jar 3.2.5 GA org.eclipse.emf.cdo.server.hibernate.libraries LGPL 2.1not shipped2422
cdo jta.jar org.eclipse.emf.cdo.server.hibernate.libraries Sun Binary Licensenot shipped2423
net4j hsqldb.jar org.eclipse.net4j.db.hsqldb HSQL Licensenot shipped2424
net4j mysql-connector-java-5.1.5-bin.jar org.eclipse.net4j.db.mysql GPL v2not shipped2425

18 records found.


Some components are currently in their Validation (Incubation) Phase.

Committers (Section 1)

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Developers (Section 2)
Third Party Software (Section 3)
Data Inclusion

Note that this data is only as accurate as the process used to collect it. To appear in this list, a contribution must: (1) have a related bug, (2) include a patch type attachment, and (3) bear the contributed keyword.

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