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Getting Started

First-time users can get started quickly by simply downloading the latest
Archived All-In-One p2 Repo Update Site All-In-One Update Site, which includes source, runtime and docs
for EMF and XSD (part of the MDT project).

Or, use Eclipse's Install Manager. See also the FAQ & JVM Reqs.


Minimum Requirements

EMFEclipse*Java   Notes


Modeling Build FeedLatest Releases

Modeling Build Feed2.11.0 Stable Builds

Modeling Build Feed2.10.2 Stable Builds

Archived Releases

Older EMF (Core) releases have been moved to, and can be accessed here:

Language Packs

IBM is pleased to contribute translations for the Eclipse Modeling Framework.

  • 2.2.x Language Packs
  • 2.1.x Language Packs
  • 2.0.x Language Packs
Getting Sources
Language Packs
IP Log

See committer/contributor IP log.