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Members starting with letter M

  • M2M Alliance E.V.With currently 76 members from 13 countries, the M2M Alliance is the worlds largest professional M2M association.
  • M3S Research Unit at the University of OuluM3S Research Unit at the University of Oulu
  • Malardalen UniversityMalardalen University (abbreviated MDH) is one of Sweden's large institutes of higher education. The University has over 14,000 students studying our 52 programmes and 1,000 courses, and almost 900 faculty and staff.
  • Mango Software LabsMango Software Labs is established in 2006 for designing the best productivity software tool by some enthusiasm young people.
  • Medical Banking ProjectMedical Banking Project
  • Merantix GmbHMerantix GmbH
  • Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America, Inc.Mercedes-Benz Research and Development North America continuously strives to remain at the forefront of successful automotive research and development in North America.
  • Mercer County Community CollegeMercer County Community College
  • Meruvian FoundationMeruvian Foundation is a non profit organization located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Focus Java and Enterprise OpenSource.
  • Michigan State University Facility for Rare Isotope BeamsThe Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) will be a new national user facility for nuclear science.
  • Micro FocusSerena Software, part of Micro Focus, helps the IT organization design, build, and deploy the IT services that meet todays business demandsacross mobile platforms to mainframe solutionswith greater reliability and less risk of failure.
  • MicroDoc Computersystems GmbHMicroDoc delivers first rate, high quality products, programming services, training and consulting for customers in the embedded and enterprise space.\r\n
  • MicroEJMicroEJ is a turnkey Java software solution for IoT, wearable, and embedded devices, dedicated to MCUs, MPUs, and SOC based devices.
  • Microsoft Corp.At Microsoft, our developer mission is to deliver experiences that empower any developer, building any application, on any OS.
  • Mindus SARLMindus SARL
  • Mueller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme GmbHMueller-BBM VAS is a leading supplier of vibroacoustic measurement technology, focussed on dynamic data acquisition, analysis and management.

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