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  • 1105 Media Redmond Media GroupThe Redmond Media Group is dedicated to serving the Microsoft customer, developer and partner communities.
  • ACM QueueQueue is created by computing professionals for computing professionals.
  • Addison WesleyAddison-Wesley Professional is a leading publisher of high-quality and timely information for programmers, developers, engineers, and system administrators.
  • BZ MediaBZ Media LLC is a high-tech media company that combines the best of print and Web-based publishing with industry-leading technical conferences and expositions.
  • Communications and Media Arts (CMA)Communications and Media Arts provides market development and press relations support for a wide variety of industries.
  • DZone, Inc.The DZone Network is a group of free online services that aim to satisfy the information needs of software developers, architects and IT managers.
  • RTC Group Inc.For 20 years The RTC Group has focused its attention on providing the most efficient, cost-effective tools for sales and marketing in the embedded electronics marketplace.

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