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Tecnalia: A private, applied research centre of international excellence with a great impact on local industry,composed by 1500 professionals, participating as shareholder in 31 New Technology-Based Firms and present in 25 countries across the globe. The keys turning the vision of Tecnalia Research & Innovation into reality are marked by the following: its private nature; the focussing of its activity on Applied Research; the fact that it is a centre of international excellence (international R+D contracts, foreign researchers, and international accompaniment of local industries, licences, IP, etc.); the impact it has on local industry (R+D and Innovation projects with companies, spin offs, training, E+C services); its openness; and the fact that it has become a centre that attracts people who want to develop their creativity, and organisations (networks) keen to interact and co-generate knowledge with Tecnalia. Tecnalia works on Eclipse technologies for both internal and external projects. We will highlight two of them: RBSF/FAST: State-of-the-art software technology for team software production, designed to create advanced and highly productive software factories SPL/PLUM: Software product line engineering and model driven development techniques for software based products.


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