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Sigasi is an EDA start-up that develops and markets Sigasi HDT, an Intelligent Development Environment (IDE) for VHDL designers. Based on Eclipse and advanced parsing technology, Sigasi HDT drastically improves designer productivity. Even the most powerful common editor functions become fully intuitive. Moreover, as Sigasi HDT understands the design context, it supports advanced features such as design-aware intelligent autocompletes and VHDL code refactoring. Sigasi is headquartered in Ghent, Belgium.

Sigasi's Marketplace Listings

  • Sigasi Studio 2.27
    Sigasi offers the leading plugin for VHDL and Verilog Makes standard editors obsolete. Type-time code analysis Error reporting while you type Smart content assist Code inspection and navigation Design hierarchy view (VHDL only) Check...
  • MouseFeed
    MouseFeed helps to form a habit of using keyboard shortcuts. When the user clicks on a button or on a menu item, the plugin shows a popup reminding about the key shortcut. After a few times, you remember the keyboard shortcut and you will start using...
  • UltraEdit Key Bindings
    If you have been using UltraEdit, you can keep using the key bindings (keyboard shortcuts) that you are used to in Eclipse! Install this plugin and activate the UltraEdtit keybindings in Window > Preferences > General > Keys. Then as Scheme, selec...
  • Marker manager
    Suppress warnings in any programming language. Export markers (errors, warnings, info) to HTML. The Eclipse Marker Manager allows to: Export your warnings to a HTML file. Suppress markers (like warnings) in any file, in any programming lang...

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