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Mia-Software is a software provider specialised in the Model-Driven approach for application lifecycle development: Mia-Studio: solution to improve agility in software development and maintenance of applications (JEE, .NET and other environments), conforming to OMG standards : MDA (Model Driven Architecture), ADM (Architecture-Driven Modernization) and UML Mia-Insight: cartography and algorithm analysis for legacy systems, whatever their size and technologies (mainframe, client/server, NTIC, ...) Mia-Software, aims at industrializing, with a certain agility, the development and maintenance of the Information Systems of large companies and specialist software development companies, regardless of industry sector. Mia-Software is involved in open-source with Eclipse/MoDisco. This project, initiated by AtlanMod laboratory from INRIA, aims at providing an open-source platform, based on Eclipse, to facilitate the development of model-driven legacy modernization tools. Based in Paris, Nantes, Bruxelles et Toulouse, Mia-Software has more than 100 customers all over the world and many business or technology partners. Mia-Software, subsidiary of SODIFRANCE group, has been founded in 2004 and benefits from the efforts engaged during the last 20 years by Sodifrance in R&D toward the evolution of legacy systems towards new systems or new technologies.


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