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The OSGi Alliance is a worldwide consortium of technology innovators that advances a proven and mature process to assure interoperability of applications and services based on its component integration platform. The OSGi Service Platform is delivered in many Fortune Global 100 company products and services and in diverse markets including enterprise, mobile, home, telematics and consumer.

The alliance provides specifications, reference implementations, test suites and certification to foster a valuable cross-industry ecosystem. Member companies collaborate within an egalitarian, equitable and transparent environment and promote adoption of OSGi technology through business benefits, user experiences and forums.

Adoption of the component-based platform reduces time-to-market and development costs because it enables integration of pre-built and pre-tested modules. It reduces maintenance costs and provides aftermarket opportunities because networks are used to dynamically update or deliver services and applications in the field.

Alliance members represent diverse markets including SmartHome, automotive electronics, mobile and enterprise. Member company industries include leading service and content providers, infrastructure/network operators, utilities, software developers, gateway suppliers, consumer electronics/device suppliers (wired and wireless) and research institutions.

The OSGi Alliance is a non-profit corporation founded in March 1999.


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