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Excelsior LLC provides advanced Java-compatible solutions and software development services with particular focus on optimizing compilers, high performance runtime environments and the Java technology. Excelsior is a Java Authorized Licensee. The flagship product of the company, Excelsior JET, is a complete solution for the acceleration, protection, and deployment of Java applications.

Founded in 1999, Excelsior has its headquarters in Novosibirsk Scientific Center, Russia.

Excelsior LLC's Marketplace Listings

  • Excelsior JET 9
    Excelsior JET, a certified Java SE 7 JVM with an Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) compiler and installation toolkit, provides specific support for Eclipse RCP with a focus on code and data protection. It enables developers to export Eclipse RCP application...

Excelsior LLC's Marketplace Training and Consulting Listings

  • Excelsior LLC Consulting
    Having created a Java SE 6 compliant JVM implementation from scratch, Excelsior engineers understand the Java software stack at all levels. Leverage our knowledge and experience in your software projects: Services Application development in J...

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