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OW2 Consortium is a non-profit organization. Its mission is to develop open source middleware, and to foster a vibrant community and business ecosystem. Our key values are: Openness, Trust, Fairness, Transparency and Independence. The OW2 community works along three types of activities: Projects, Initiatives and Local Chapters. Projects: the Consortium’s activities for software development are organized into Projects. A Project regroups development actions corresponding to one or more technical software components, or the integration of different technical components in order to build a platform. Top 10 downloads in 2006 include: Lomboz, Sync4j, eXoPlatform, JOnAS, ASM, XWiki, OPS, SpagoBI, Shark, JavaService. Initiatives: an Initiative is a collaborative activity undertaken to promote a set of technologies from the Consortium and bring them to the mainstream market. Initiatives are the vehicle through which the Consortium makes open source middleware widely used in targeted sectors of activity. Current Initiatives address the integration requirement of domains such as SOA, e-Government, Business Intelligence, Telecommunications and Embedded Software. Local Chapters: Local Chapters are activities carried out to contribute to the sustainable development of the Consortium’s business ecosystems on a given territory, be it geographical, linguistic or cultural, in a business neutral way.


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