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TIBCO is a leading provider of Business Process Management, Integration, Rules and Streaming software. For BPM, TIBCO offers TIBCO Business Studio(TM), unifying key elements of business process management in one environment: modeling, management, simulation and implementation. Different views of the same process model allow business and IT to collaborate seamlessly to create executable business process models. Each view provides tools relevant to the expertise of the given role, ensuring that all roles can contribute effectively to the process model. For Integration, TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks is an Eclipse IDE interface that requires zero code, can connect to many applications without designing custom interfaces to each, and generate REST services in a matter of minutes. For Rules, TIBCO BusinessEvents(R) Studio supports collaboration between IT developers and business professionals. Developers can rapidly create a browser or custom UI self-service environment where users can influence the behavior of rules without coding. For Streaming, StreamBase Studio is a platform for developing and testing TIBCO StreamBase(R) and TIBCO(R) Live Datamart applications. StreamBase Studio provides a graphical drag and drop editing environment to create and edit TIBCO StreamBase EventFlow(TM) modules.


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