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itemis is an independent IT consulting company and the IT-industrialization market leader. Founded in 2003, itemis is specialized in model driven technologies and supports its customers in planning, realizing and implementing of business solutions. Our highly qualified Consultants identify market potentials and develop market leading solutions for Enterprise Applications, Embedded Systems and Mobile Business Applications. Our team of software architects and engineers leads the Eclipse Modeling Project and delivers leading-edge services and technologies for Eclipse and Eclipse-based modeling solutions.

itemis AG's Marketplace Listings

  • YAKINDU EA-Bridge
    The YAKINDU EA-Bridge supports direct model-based access to Enterprise Architect UML models from within Eclipse. A trial download is available on the YAKINDU product site. With the YAKINDU EA-Bridge, the whole stack of Eclipse Modeling technologi...
  • YAKINDU Statechart Tools 3.3.0
    Yakindu Statechart Tools (SCT) provides an integrated modeling environment for the specification and development of reactive, event-driven systems based on the concept of statecharts. It is an easy to use tool that features sophisticated graphical st...
  • JBC 1.2.1
    JBC is an eclipse plugin that enables the developer to view and edit files containing java byte code (*.class) inside eclipse. This is done in a way such that a specialized editor opens the .class file and displays the binary code as a textual DSL wh...
  • YAKINDU Solidity Tools
    YAKINDU Solidity Tools The free to use, open source YAKINDU-Solidity Tools provides an integrated development environment for ethereum / solidity based smart contracts. It features all goodies you can expect from a professional IDE including: ...

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