MicroDoc Computersystems GmbH

MicroDoc is a leading ISV, systems integrator and long term IBM partner located in Germany. Founded in 1991, MicroDoc has specialized in object oriented software technologies and provides software and services to a variety of markets.

MicroDoc was the first European business partner for IBM's embedded Java platform and offers customizing, platform ports, distribution and licensing for the IBM embedded product range. MicroDoc supports a variety of Open Source software products (in particular Linux) and is an active member of the Eclipse Foundation.

MicroDoc Computersystems GmbH's Marketplace Listings

  • Barracuda: JPL/Panther development environment 1.11.0
    The Barracuda Eclipse Plugins are complete development for the programming language JPL. JPL, as part of the Panther development environment from Prolifics (TM), is a legacy 3rd generation scripting language used for example by ERP applications. ...
  • eFitNesse: Testingframework for OSGi and embedded Java applications 1.0.1
    eFitNesse is a testing framework for OSGi and embedded applications that allows to execute different types of test suites like JUnit or Fitnesse acceptance tests. Test cases can even be executed on a remote machine. MicroDoc now provides an Eclipse p...

MicroDoc Computersystems GmbH's Marketplace Listings

  • MicroDoc Computersystems GmbH Training
    MicroDoc offers several trainings to enable customer teams to quickly become productive using the Eclipse platform: OSGi Training FitNesse Training How to build a Continuous Integration System Testing (Test-Driven Development, Test Automation, ...
  • MicroDoc Computersystems GmbH Consulting
    MicroDoc offers a variety of services around Java technology in the Enterprise, Embedded and Mobile space. We help our customers building state of the art products and solutions that are able to compete in national and international markets. Mi...