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Innoopract GmbH Innoopract helps companies efficiently deploy and manage their application development platforms based on the Eclipse development environment. Innoopract supports enterprises in assessing quality, building, bundling and distributing Eclipse components for tooling and application platforms.

Innoopract's popular Eclipse distribution, Yoxos, helps enterprises take full advantage of the broad ecosystem of Eclipse tools, plug-ins and platforms by streamlining the adoption, management and update process for large distributed development teams.

As a Strategic Member of the Eclipse Foundation Innoopract is advancing Eclipse in the area of software-as-a-service, leading projects like the Rich Ajax Platform and the Eclipse Packaging project.

The company is headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, and has offices in Munich and Portland, Oregon. For more information on the company, visit

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Innoopract GmbH's Other Products and Services

  • Imagine that you have a large project implemented on top of Eclipse. At the beginning, adding new features was easy and straightforward. Now, however, while some new features are still easy, others require far more work than expected. A change in one place requires changes in several others, each of which requires yet further changes.

    Innoopract's Quality Assessment is intended for just such situations. In an Eclipse Quality Assessment, an experienced Eclipse designer first analyzes your existing design with the Eclipse Design Meister (EDM), an automated tool that spots opportunities to improve the design of Eclipse applications. Together you begin to improve the parts of the design most in need of attention. At the same time, you learn how best to take advantage of Eclipse. After a few days, your design is already better - more flexible, easier to understand, and more modular - and you are prepared to continue improving it on your own.

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  • Yoxos is a product family offering developers and companies the biggest choice of Eclipse enhancements available in the market - tested, checked for compatibility and frequently updated.

    Our free Eclipse download service Yoxos On Demand enables you to create your individually-configured Eclipse installation from the Yoxos library for free. The Yoxos Subscription service provides you with frequent updates of your Eclipse plugins and extra functionality.

    And Yoxos Enterprise, our product for use in company deployment, enables the management and distribution of complex Eclipse installations, quality control and the integration of any type of plugin.

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  • RAP employs an architecture and usage similar the Rich Client Platform (RCP) and offers developers the opportunity to web-enable their RCP-Applications and enhance them with AJAX technology. The RAP project is an project led by Innoopract and based on technology invented by Innoopract.

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  • Innoopract has been developing commercial and noncommercial Eclipse-based tooling (plugins, features, SDKs) for our customers and ourselves for more than three years. We have been dedicated to producing the highest quality code and staying on the leading edge of Eclipse technology. We offer consulting services ranging from strategic consulting to complete development of custom Eclipse IDEs.

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  • Innoopract offers a wide range of consulting on Eclipse RCP projects:

    Product development including conception / architecture, guided implementation, recommended approaches for architecture, Eclipse coding standards, Eclipse UI guidelines, and update implementation services.

    Extending base RCP functionality with frameworks including EMF, GEF, and connecting RCP applications with J2EE servers.

    Software quality including development of automated testing concepts and implementations, code reviews, management, maintenance and support, full remote management of RCP applications, maintenance contracts for the Eclipse platform, support (2. level) for the Eclipse platform.

    Innoopract brings insider knowledge of the Eclipse Foundation and Eclipse projects. Our developers have close contact with Eclipse core teams and have developed an extensive knowledge base of the Eclipse ecosystem. External Link:
  • Innoopract offers a wide range of consulting on any of your companies Eclipse projects:

    • Evaluation and market analysis
    • Guided implementation
    • Small or large scale Enterprise adoption and managed distribution
    • Customization
    • Maintenance and support
    • Training (see our list of standard Eclipse courses)
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