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Genuitec, LLC Genuitec - the power behind MyEclipse - is dramatically changing the way companies derive value and utility from their investment in software tools. With MyEclipse, there's no longer a capital investment. No vendor lock-in. No risk. Instead, for as little as $31.75, MyEclipse pays for itself in 15 minutes of use. And developers receive the most comprehensive Java Enterprise Development Environment (Java EE/J2EE) and Web-development tool suite for the Eclipse open-source platform. No wonder MyEclipse is the most widely used product in the Eclipse space. And Genuitec is the Eclipse authority.

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  • Genuitec is a leading innovator and promoter of the Eclipse platform as a business application framework. We help organizations realize the potential of this capability through our industry-leading software management capabilities as well as our tool suites for enterprise and mobile web development. External Link: