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Intel is a global provider of software products, professional services, technical expertise and resources. Intel Software is an essential platform ingredient to deliver compelling end-user experiences and create new business capabilities and efficiencies. IntelĀ® Software Development Products help developers get the best performance for applications. Intel offers advanced optimizations in compilers and libraries, sophisticated performance analysis tools and industry leading support for parallelism to truly unlock the potential of multicore processors. Innovations for multicore include new support in C++ through the Intel Threading Building Blocks, support for OpenMP directives, thread profiling tools and diagnostic tools for finding deadlock and race condition potential without excessive false positives. Products are available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems, and integrate well with the most popular programming environments on each platform. See for more

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    LLVM IR SDK is a rich LLVM IR editor plugin for Eclipse. Key Features: * Syntax Highlighting * Showing Definitions on Hover * Content Assist * Syntax Checking * Type Checking * Dominance Checking See the project website for a full feature...

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