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OpenText Analytics and Reporting products make data-driven applications simple for everyone in your organization, including developers, employees, partners, IT, and customers. Build enterprise reporting applications that are as unique as your business, personalized to meet your data needs in any industry, on any platform, for any device.

To stay competitive, your organization needs to make the right business decisions at the right time, with compelling data to back up your actions. We help businesses integrate the advanced reporting, analytics, and data visualization technology they need to build powerful data-driven applications for their entire organization, no matter which platform or device their users are on.

OpenText Analytics products revolutionize your reporting and analytics infrastructure, giving you the tools to build the best data-driven enterprise apps. With live data analytics seamlessly incorporated into your apps, you can track, report, and analyze your data in real time. Our approach to embedding BI and analytics empowers you to build infinitely scalable data-driven applications, dashboards, interactive data visualizations, and pixel-perfect reportscompletely tailored to your organization's reporting requirements and packed with layers of secure, engaging, personalized information.

OpenText Analytics

OpenText Analytics contributes to one or more Eclipse Projects!


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