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PlatformIO Labs is the corporate sponsor behind the PlatformIO open-source project. PlatformIO is a next-generation, professional collaborative platform for embedded development that enables customers to save resources and time by vastly reducing the expenses and labor associated with creating and maintaining product software. Its modern architecture is unmatched in the embedded tools market, and the result benefits developers everywhere by simplifying complexity and increasing productivity.

We believe the embedded systems industry desperately needs reinvention. Not only are the IDEs and tools built with technology from the 1990s, but they involve many complex requirements and platform-dependent configurations that turn away talented developers from becoming embedded engineers.

  • We use modern technology to re-imagine and re-build core components of embedded infrastructure from the ground up.
  • We are focused on improving the lives of everyday engineers with a free, open-source, and next-generation tool that enhances professional development productivity and brings joy.
  • Thanks to our unique, modern, and modular IDE + UI philosophy, clients can focus on optimizing product quality and reliability as inputs to the development process, while we build a bridge to a much broader audience of happy developers.


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