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Topio Networks, an industry research platform, accelerates markets and businesses by providing detailed information about use cases, verticals and industries. Topio Networks offers detailed data insights and natural language analysis about the shape, structure and sizing of the thousands of use cases, verticals and technologies that are the building blocks of the fourth industrial revolution. Our data is constantly fed by the daily insights generated by our taxonomy driven, human curated AI Platform. The Topio Networks Market Intelligence Center provides free access to our industry research with detailed data about market sizing, innovations, funding and marketing activities for each specific use cases, industries and emerging technologies. In addition, Topio Networks offers acceleration services to businesses by providing the content necessary to develop their go to market strategies, by tracking the company content and mapping it to the best practices of the industry and providing market access through events and lead generation. To learn more about how Topio Networks applies AI and Natural Language Processing to create comprehensive research about thousands of use cases,


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