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Primeton was established on March 36, 2003 and changed from a limited liability company to a joint stock company in 2010. The company has obtained a number of national honor certifications, such as National Enterprise Technology Center, Postdoctoral Research Station, and continuously passed the International Software Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 5 Certification and ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification. It has mastered 41 key and major core technologies and a number of reserve technologies in the field of software foundation platforms, 27 invention patents and172 software copyrights. The company participated in two important SOA international technical specifications of SCA / SDO and 11 national technical standards Formulation. Primeton is a professional software foundation platform provider. It provides independent, controllable, safe and reliable software foundation platforms and application software development services for large and medium-sized users in the financial, government, energy, telecommunications, manufacturing and other industries. Since its establishment, the company has continued to cultivate the field of software foundation platforms. After more than ten years of technology and experience, it has established a "standard product + platform customization + application development" business model, which includes the sales and maintaining service of standard software products of the software foundation platform, platform customization and application development services. Primeton has been committed to the construction of independent research and development and innovation capabilities of the core technology of the software foundation platform. It has created a component-based technology platform and core technology combination, and formed a systematic technology research and development capability, the platformized capability of product development and comprehensive project implementation methodology. Based on core technologies and innovation capabilities, Primeton provides customers with software products and technical services, helping customers flexibly and quickly respond to complex and changing business scenarios and successfully achieve business transformation under new generation information technologies such as cloud computing and big data. After more than ten years of focused development, Primeton enjoys high brand awareness in the field of software foundation platforms. In 2018, there were 120 Chinese companies in the Fortune Global 500, 44 of which chose Primeton Informations software platform products or technical solutions. The technical performance, maturity and safety and reliability of the company's products and technical solutions have been verified in thousands of large-scale and key projects in national economic key areas such as finance, government affairs, energy, telecommunications, and manufacturing. Primeton has a China Registration and Clearing Corporation , Shanghai Gold Exchange, China Mobile, General Administration of Customs and other large and medium-sized customers in the industry are all Primetons regular customers. Primeton has gradually changed the absolute dominant position of international brands in the domestic software infrastructure platform market.


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