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Cloud To Go is web platform that allows developers to architect, code, test, and deploy their applications on the cloud. All of these could be done within one single webpage. The platform has a built-in, user-generated warehouse that contains various application components, including databases, front-end or back-end services, runtime, and many other microservices. Developers could choose components and drag n drop them onto a canvas to architect their apps, and instantly deploy the apps to any cloud around the world. This eliminates the need to find a cloud host and set up the complex running environment for each app. With our integrated web-based IDE, developers could also edit and test the code of the components, and update the running instances simultaneously. Developers could also put the modified components or apps back to the warehouse and share or market them with other users. At system level, most of the components are containerized and could be moved around on our CloudOS, a hybrid cloud platform that is built upon major infrastructure providers, including GCE, AWS, Azure, Aliyun and many others. Users could choose which providers they want to use or just simply let us to pick one for them. We also support many application publishing strategies, which essentially integrated continuous integration, continuous deployment and DevOps philosophies. We also have many extensions that makes specific app dev a lot easier. For example, JS2run is an extension where developers could input a GitHub address of a JavaScript repository and click Run, then the platform will find the right resources to run the JavaScript app and present the result. Service2Go is another extension that contains many ready-to-use services, including databases, runtimes, tools etc. Just one click and they will be ready to use in seconds. We are aiming to build a web platform to make development much easier and faster, and ultimately build a community for all developers to exchange and collaborate on their ideas, codes, and apps.


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