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Cloudera delivers the modern platform for machine learning and advanced analytics built on the latest open source technologies. The world's leading organizations trust Cloudera to help solve their most challenging business problems by efficiently capturing, storing, processing and analyzing vast amounts of data.

Cloudera was founded in 2008 by some of the brightest minds at Silicon Valleys leading companies including Google (Christophe Bisciglia), Yahoo! (Amr Awadallah), Oracle (Mike Olson), and Facebook (Jeff Hammerbacher). Doug Cutting, co-creator of Hadoop, joined the company in 2009 as Chief Architect and remains in that role. Today, Cloudera has over 1,600 employees across the globe -- each one with their own hoodie.

For IoT, Cloudera provides an end-to-end data management platform that enables organizations to capitalize on all of their IoT data and drive advanced analytics and machine learning, to unlock the business benefits of IoT. Our data management and advanced analytics platform can process sensor and machine data in real time to help predict the outcomes, ensuring you are always ahead of the curve.

Today, customers are using Cloudera Enterprise to power some of the most compelling IoT use cases across industries.

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