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APIs are the connective tissue of the cloud and the modern enterprise; the connection points that allow systems to share data, collaborate, and transact business. In this booming API economy, mobile, SaaS and digital transformation are evolving fast, but enterprise organizations struggle with legacy systems, changing industry standards and other "integration debt."

RepreZen puts conceptual data modeling at the center of API design. We eliminate friction with powerful API modeling, DevOps automation, and modular connectors to integrate new and old systems through consistent, standards-compliant interfaces.

RepreZen API Studio offers breakthrough productivity and design insight for development teams working with industry-standard Swagger-OpenAPI or RAPID-ML, RepreZen's open source API description language. RAPID-ML enables organizations to build a cohesive catalog of APIs, aligned and adapted to a shared domain model.

RepreZen's Marketplace Listings

  • RepreZen API Studio 1.6
    NEW RELEASE 1.6 WITH POWERFUL CUSTOM CODE GENERATION Start building your generator in less than 2 minutes with the New GenTemplate wizard! See the release notes to learn more... Powerful Swagger-OpenAPI Design, Documentation & Development ...
  • KaiZen OpenAPI Editor
    NOW WITH COMPLETE SUPPORT FOR OPEN API 3.0 final spec, full compatibility with Eclipse Oxygen & Photon releases.  KaiZen OpenAPI Editor is RepreZen's open source, Eclipse-based editor for the industry-standard OpenAPI Specification language, ...

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