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The Warsaw University of Technology is the highest-ranked institution for advanced engineering research and education in Poland, and one of the most prestigious academic institutions in Europe. The curricula and academic standards closely resemble those of many highly regarded U.S. universities. The low ratio of students to professors at the Warsaw University of Technology's Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science and the warm working relationship between students and instructors helps those studying to develop confidence in their ability to make significant contributions to engineering and research work. The Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science offers the courses in Mathematics and Computer Science in Polish. There are also programs in English: a 3.5-year undergraduate program in Computer Science leading to a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree, and a 1.5-year graduate program in Computer Science leading to a Master of Science degree. Graduate programs exist in the following fields: Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence Systems Development, CAD/CAM System Design, and Data Science. In each of the above three specializations there are general lectures covering, among others, modern databases, foundations of Artificial Intelligence, software development, operating systems, computer network administration as well as multiple courses particular to the area of specialization.


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