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The openHAB Foundation e.V. is a non-profit organisation.

Its purpose is to educate the public about the possibilities that Free software offers in the domain of smart homes.

More and more new technologies and devices are introduced to our living, working and business environment. Although all of them are designed to make our lives easier, they have a common problem: The lack of interoperability, due to incompatible technology stacks and conflicting commercial interests. Market consolidation and cooperation between all stakeholders therefore remains a vision. System-wide, multi-vendor interoperability can only succeed if it is free from monetary interests. Free Software is the best option to boost innovation and to make smart home technology available for everybody. Furthermore, Free Software is irreplaceable for research and teaching.

We specifically focus our activities on the openHAB project, but we are also promoting the ideals of Free software in general.

openHAB Foundation's Marketplace Listings

  • Energy Meter
    This rule template takes an energy consumption value as an input and controls a color light in the range from green to red for visualising the current consumption....
  • Smart Doorbell
    This templates takes a binary input from a push button and plays either a doorbell sound on a connected speaker or uses a dog barking sound to scare away any visitors if nobody is at home. Additionally, a light can be flashed as a visual notificat...
  • Fire Alarm
    This template checks all temperature sensors of a group for abnormal values and activates an alarm if some threshold is exceeded by one of them....

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